Deadpool 2 - Original Motion Picture Score

Deadpool 2 - Original Motion Picture Score


Side A

1.    "X-Men Arrive"    0:58 

2.    "Fighting Dirty"    2:03 

3.    "Hello Super Powers"    0:57

4.    "Escape"    2:13

5.    "Vanessa"    1:55

6.    "Weasel Interrogation"    1:11

7.    "Holy S*** Balls"    1:32

8.    "Mutant Convoy"    3:59

9.    "The Name is Cable"    1:23

10.    "Sorry for Your Loss"    1:01

11.    "You Can’t Stop this Mother F*****"    1:10


Side B

12.    "Ice Box"    1:19

13.    "Docking"    1:16

14.    "Make the Whole World our B****"    3:15

15.    "Pity D***"    0:58

16.    "Knock Knock"    0:51

17.    "Let Me In"    1:43

18.    "Maximum Effort"    1:38

19.    "The Orphanage"    2:57

20.    "Cable Flashback"    1:23

21.    "Genuine High Grade Lead"    1:53

22.    "Courage Mother F*****"    1:27



    Label : Mondo

    Mondo is proud to present Tyler Bates bombastic score to this summer's equally bombastic and hilarious film DEADPOOL 2. Coming off hot from his previous collaborations with director David Leitch, composer Tyler Bates (Atomic Blonde, John Wick) has joined forces with Leitch once more bring his impeccable skills to the enormous and meta world of the merc with a mouth. Epic in scope, but always willing to be in on the joke, Bates' score practically interacts with the plot of the film – bouncing from fast paced action set pieces, to choruses proclaiming "Holy Shit Balls," to tender and sincere moments of clarity. Much like the film making on display, it is harder than it sounds to perfect this balance of tone.

    Featuring incredible artwork by Boneface, and pressed on 180 Gram Red with Black stripe Vinyl.