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Klipsch R-15PM Powered Turntable System (Pro-ject)

Klipsch R-15PM Powered Turntable System (Pro-ject)

No receiver required. Just add vinyl. The R-15PM powered monitors with built-in phono pre-amp are perfectly matched to the custom Klipsch x Pro-Ject Primary turntable to deliver room-filling sound without the hassle of setting up mounds of equipment. 


无需接收器。只是加入了唱片。R-15PM 有源监听音箱内置唱机前置放大,与定制的 Klipsch x Pro-Ject Primary 唱机转盘完美搭配,无需设置众多设备,即可让声音充满整个房间。



Crisp and detailed sound comes thanks to a true two-way speaker with Klipsch’s legendary 90x90 Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) Tractrix horn, rigid Injection Molded Graphite (IMG) woofer, and tuned rear-firing bass port. All this horn-loaded nectar is powered by Klipsch-customized and fully integrated high resolution amplifier, jam-packed with every connection you need. Add subwoofer to taste. Use the included remote to do everything else



真正的双路音箱加上 Klipsch 传奇般的 90x90 磁悬浮式高音单元 (LTS) Tractrix 喇叭、刚性注射成型石墨 (IMG) 低音单元和经过调整的后低音导向孔,才得以产生清脆、细节丰富的声音。所有这种号角处理的甜美音质均由 Klipsch 定制的全集成高解析度放大器驱动,包含您需要的所有连接。加入低音炮,更具韵味。使用随附的遥控器进行其他操作。



Pro-Ject’s special edition Primary turntable is expertly hand-crafted to extract the every last detail from the vinyl grooves of your favorite LPs. Packing a low vibration synchronous AC motor, a perfectly-matched 8.6” aluminum tone-arm, and an audiophile-grade, low-distortion Ortofon OM 5e magnetic cartridge, the Pro-Ject Primary and R-15PM powered monitors are a match made in heaven. 



Pro-Ject 的特别版 Primary 唱机转盘由手工精心打造而成,为您带来您最喜欢的唱片中的全部音乐细节。Pro-Ject Primary 配有低振动同步交流马达、完美匹配的 8.6” 铝唱臂和发烧友级的低失真 Ortofon OM 5e 磁盒,与 R-15PM 有源监听音箱在一起简直就是天造之和。



No pre-amp required, no receiver needed, and no need to mess with counterweights or skating adjustments. Find a wall outlet, setup the turntable and speakers, plug them in, and flip the switch: you’re ready to rock. 





  • Tech Specs


    • 1 pair R-15PM powered monitors
    • 1 special edition Pro-Ject Primary turntable
    • Super easy setup
    • Incredible acoustical performance
    • Bluetooth®  with apt-X decoding
    • Computer and TV ready


    • 1 对 R-15PM 有源监听音箱
    • 1 台特别版 Pro-Ject Primary 唱机转盘
    • 设置十分简单
    • 无与伦比的声学性能
    • Bluetooth®  with apt-X decoding
    • Computer and TV ready
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