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Chainsaw Man (Original Series Soundtrack) Red Black Splatter 2xLPs

Chainsaw Man (Original Series Soundtrack) Red Black Splatter 2xLPs


- Disc 1 -
1 Edge of Chainsaw
2 The Door
3 Imagine Devils
4 The Devil Hunter
5 Rain
6 Nail-Biter
7 Black Despair
8 That's a Dream Come True
9 Special Division 4
10 Livingroom
11 Looking for Something
12 Chainsaw Attacks!
13 The Devil Appears
14 Destroy Them All
15 Good Night, Boy
- Disc 2 -
1 Sweet Dreams
2 Eat. Sleep. Play
3 100% Sales Tax
4 Kick Ass!
5 The Golden Bowlers
6 Search and Destroy
7 Death Cluster
8 Run
9 Confront
10 Humans Are Fools
11 Buddy
12 Song for Unbirthday
13 Verge of Death
14 Nmgeai
15 Dream... Come True?
16 You Were Here
18 Sepia
19 In the Bullet Train
20 Brutal Life
21 He's on the Back Foot
22 Arg
23 Pain in the Ass
24 Stranger in Paranoid
25 Pong Pong Pong
26 Stay in the Darkness
27 Crawler
28 Brotherhood
29 Gun, Knife
30 A Tombstone
31 Tear Off
32 Metal Riser
33 Sword of Hunter
34 The End of Childhood


    Label : Milan Records

    Crank up the chaos with the Chainsaw Man (Original Series Soundtrack) vinyl, where Kensuke Ushio's score slices through the air with the ferocity of a chainsaw revving to life. Each note is a tribute to the gritty and wild world where Denji and his devilish counterpart dwell. This release boast two red and black splatter LPs encased in an illustrated gatefold jacket that unfolds the visual saga of Chainsaw Man. The 12'' insert is a showcase, highlighting some of the finest moments of the show. The obi strip wraps the package like a seal of the devil hunter's approval.

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