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Rega Queen Limited Edition Turntable

Rega Queen Limited Edition Turntable

Rega Queen Special Edition Turntable.  Made in UK.


Extremely Limited, This Great-Sounding Plug-and-Play Turntable Will Rock You: Gorgeous Rega Queen Features Customized Band Artwork, RB101 Tonearm, and Carbon MM Cartridge


This turntable will rock you. Specially commissioned by the legendary English rock band and taking the form of a black Rega RP1 with gold design accents, the extremely limited-edition Rega Queen turntable features gorgeous reproductions of Queen logos as well as the analog specialists' hand-built RB101 tonearm. As British as it comes, this plug-and-play "Killer Queen" sounds as good as it looks – and it looks fantastic. A custom-designed, high-gloss, acrylic-laminated plinth boasts a silk-screened "Queen by Rega" logo while the silk-screened Queen crest platter is inspired by artwork created by inimitable vocalist Freddie Mercury. The dustcover is even sports a Queen badge. Sonically, the turntable is up to the high standards of both the band and Rega. A low-noise, low-vibration 24V synchronous motor and factory-installed Rega Carbon MM cartridge complement the supremely stable platter to ensure every record you play makes you feel like breaking out into "We Are the Champions." And with the Rega Queen, you definitely are a champion. Don't wait on these – once our limited supply is gone, they're gone for good!


RB101 Tonearm: Excellent Tracking, Low Noise Floor, Easy Tracking-Force Adjustment
Rega's RB101 tonearm features smooth, higher-precision bearings and an all-new, non-resonant headshell. This hand-assembled design represents a significant improvement over its predecessor, with far better tracking, improved tonal balance, and a lower noise floor. Better still, adjusting tracking force with the stock cartridge is as simple as sliding the counterweight as far down the stem as it goes.


Effortless Setup: Queen Comes Ready to Plug and Play With Pre-Mounted Cartridge
The only tools you need for setup are your hands. The Queen's cartridge is pre-mounted. Setting tracking force is a snap and doesn't require extra tools. Indeed, this turntable is so easy to setup that it may take you more time to unpack it than to get up and running. The instruction manual is fairly straightforward. However, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We've done thousands of turntable setups and are happy to walk you through every step, answer your questions, and make sure you've got great sound.


Custom-designed, high-gloss, acrylic-laminated plinth silk-screened with "Queen by Rega" logo
Silk-screened "Queen crest" platter from artwork created by Freddie Mercury
Hand-built RB101 tonearm
Factory-fitted Rega Carbon MM cartridge
Low-noise, low-vibration 24V synchronous high-performance motor
Queen dustcover lid badge
Cartridge designed specifically for the "plug and play" RB101 tonearm



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