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The Dune Sketchbook - Music from the Soundtrack 3XLP

The Dune Sketchbook - Music from the Soundtrack 3XLP



  • Song of the Sisters || 16:25
  • I See You in My Dreams || 18:25
  • House Atreides || 13:54
  • The Shortening of the Way || 11:14
  • Paul's Dream || 7:03
  • Moon Over Caladan || 8:34
  • Shai-hulud || 9:47
  • Mind Killer || 11:11
  • Grains of Sand || 5:12

    Label : Mondo

    "The Dune Sketchbook" clocks in at an impressive  100 minutes across a mere nine tracks. It features all of Hans Zimmer typical bombast and deafening drums. These extended cues feature huge swathes of arpeggiated synths, vocal chants and rumbling bagpipes, moods run from ethereal to ominous, wistful to sorrowful and always become huge dramatic, loud and disorientating (sometimes all within the same cue), it truly is an epic for our times, and proves once again that Hans Zimmer is one of the greatest living composers right now.

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